Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Military News: 30 May 2007

There are only two articles today. The first one is one that is close to my heart. For some reason, I really like to keep up with the Horn of Africa. This time, the article is about teaching and inspecting foods used in meals and medicines so that we may be able to reduce some of those horrific deaths from something so simple as washing our hands and other cleanliness details. Preventive Medicine Techs Keep Troops Mission-Ready.

This is an amazingly unheard article. Sometimes I get angry writing these, and that is why I mostly just give the first paragraph of an article. These people have done tremendous work, so much so that the terrorists don't even want to go there anymore! Yet, when do you hear about this? On the evening news? HA! Get your news here! :) Khowst PRT Winning the Fight in Afghanistan!

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