Monday, March 27, 2006

Marines Can't Use Political Armor

Yahoo news has a report that most Marines do not want to carry the added 5 lbs. of protective gear. Imagine this: you have to carry ammunition, weapons, medical supplies, food, water, the temp. is over 120 degrees during the summer, and the gear you are now carrying weighs 70 lbs. Everyday. All day. Sometimes, most times, two shifts a day. What would you be able to do?

Our Marines are quite capable, but they have a point when saying the added gear deters their movablility. Have you ever tried climbing over a large fence or obstacle to run after a terrorist lately? It isn't that easy when you are wearing your whole tent on your back! (Well, almost.)

There is some good news. The Army guys like them. The people that are in combat areas like them, mostly. It is the people who have street patrols that mostly do not care for them, even though they are glad to have them. Good job, Washington. Sheesh.

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