Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blackfive interviews 'Teflon Don of Acute Politics'

Matt of the favorite 'Blackfive' is guest writing over at Michelle Malkin's website while she is in Iraq. (I think.) He had an interview with Teflon Don of 'Acute Politics' and here is an excerpt:
If you could say anything to Pres Bush, what would you say? To Sec. Gates? To Gen Petraeus?

President Bush-At the beginning, I thought this war was the best of bad options. I neither believed it would be as easy as so many claimed, nor did I believe it would become as hard as it has. We depend on you- both to lead us, and to listen to us.

Secretary Gates-Sir, you come in to this war at a crucial point. Listen to your generals, listen to our elected leaders, and don't neglect one for the other. Most of all, don't neglect both for your own opinions- that mistake caused part of the trouble you face today.

General Petraeus-Sir, you also come at a critical time. Many people, both civilians and those in the military, expect a miracle out of you. Most of us soldiers down at the lowest levels have heard good things about your leadership style and abilities. You give many of us greater hope that we will accomplish our mission here. I fear too many of us serve our tours in Iraq while seeing only the day we leave, and tempering our anticipation of completing our tours with the knowledge that we will soon be back. I fear too many of us fail to take action that would positively influence Iraq's future out of a sense of survival. Will you allow your subordinate commanders and troops to fight this war to survive? Or, will you inspire them to fight this war to win? Much hinges on that question. I've heard some say that you were born and schooled to fight this war and win. I hope that's accurate, sir. [Continue reading the rest of this interview at Blackfive's or Michelle Malkin's.]
A big thank you to SGT Chris Keller from CENTCOM Public Affairs for arranging this interview. It is a very good one. Great job, Matt.

Update: Nathan is kind enough to have an open trackback at Church and State this weekend, and he also has a great site. Please be sure to read the policy on trackbacking before you use it. Remember to be kind, and also be sure to stop by during the week. I appreciate your civility. :) Have a nice weekend.

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