Friday, March 16, 2007

MNF-Iraq goes YouTube!

Multi-National Forces-Iraq has gone YouTube to reach out more to the Americans who want to find out what is actually happening over in Iraq. We have heard from the Left, we have heard from the Right. Now let's here from the people who are actually there doing the work that will hopefully keep us safe and free for a very long time. Way to go, MNF-I!

Update: I couldn't resist. I brought you one to entice you.


There is no blood, but there are weapons (guns) being used. After all, they're not over there playing tic tac toe!

Hat tip: Pajamas Media.

Update: Nathan is kind enough to have an open trackback at Church and State this weekend, and he also has a great site. Please be sure to read the policy on trackbacking before you use it. Remember to be kind, and also be sure to stop by during the week. I appreciate your civility. :) Have a nice weekend.

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