Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Arkin claims: Polarized and hate-filled America

Last week I wrote a small article about the situation with Arkin and his poorly written accusations against our Military that Arkin attempted to bring to the so-called 'discussion of ideas' table. I did not say much at that time, even when he had tried so woefully to apologize; however I will not stand by and allow anyone claim that if you respond to that which is appalling in itself by using words, you are invalid. I don't believe Arkin has thicker skin than mine, and I'm not even getting paid!

The people who responded to Arkin, and they are being belied for speaking back about this 'person' and his hate-filled spew of insults which he wrote about in the Washington Post about our Military. Does he not understand that if it were not for these brave men and women, he would have been executed for writing against his new Sharia president and government? No, I guess he has no respect for those of us who properly stand by our Military, regardless of the politics.

Since when, besides John Kerry's Viet Nam, have we tried to decimate our president while we have men and women on the ground fighting the battles of this war they (mostly ALL) voted for them to do? Regardless of party. What happened to, "The partisan politics stop at the waters edge"? After all, we are all Americans first.

If the Senate and Arkin want to assault our brave men and women while there is absolutely no way for them punch your lights out, figuratively of course, then the people that are at home supporting these brave people will do so for them.

I do not want anyone getting nasty. That will get us nowhere, and it will not persuade the offender to rethink his obnoxious remarks. If you want to help by commenting to this offender, please be polite, concise and helpful. Point out your disagreement with him in a civilized way. After all, isn't that all we are asking of him? Have a great day.

Here you can read his latest article at the Washington Post which sees no reason to relieve him of his duties.

Hat tip: LGF.

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