Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Operation Baghdad had started, maybe...

Omar at Iraq the Model has an article up that states that the news over there is saying that Operation Baghdad has begun, but he also says that Radio Sawa stated that it was a limitted operation ordered by the Iraqi government because they had received intelligence that there were terrorists in the area.

Whether or not the operation has actually started, Omar notes that it is the quietest it has been a long time! I guess our military, along with the Iraq military, are more quiet than the terrorists. I know they can't fight us face to face. Maybe this has something to do with it.

Omar is going to keep updating this post on any action since he lives nearby. You may read more about this through the link at the beginning of this article. Godspeed to our Military, the Iraqi Military, and all the Iraqi who have nothing to do with terrorists. Godspeed to Omar, Mohammed, Ali and their family as well.

Hat tip: LGF.

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